Houston Divorce Attorney

How to Select a Houston Divorce Attorney

Choosing a Houston divorce attorney to represent you in a your divorce case is an extremely important decision. Below are a few important criteria to assist you in making your final choice.


You should interview several (at least three) Houston divorce attorneys who are experienced in handling divorce cases. You are looking for an attorney who knows from experience how to successfully manage a divorce case and navigate the system to a favorable conclusion. Divorce cases can be extremely complicated and you do not want to to suffer a poor result that could have been avoided with a more experienced divorce attorney.

Concentration of Practice

The divorce attorney you select should practice primarily in the field of divorce law, preferably exclusively in that field. It is usually a mistake to hire a lawyer who practices primarily in some other area, with the assumption that 'a lawyer is a lawyer.' If you had a heart problem you would go to a cardiologist, not a plastic surgeon. Divorce cases are very unique and different than other kinds of civil litigation. An experienced Houston divorce attorney will have particular skills and familiarity that will give you a better chance at a successful outcome.

Past Client Testimonials

In deciding which Houston divorce attorney to hire it is extremely helpful to hear what former clients have to say about that attorney. If you know someone who was represented by this divorce attorney, ask for their candid opinion on whether they would recommend him and whether they would hire him again. If you do not personally know any former clients, ask the attorney if he can provide any past client testimonials that describe their experience with the lawyer. A good Houston divorce attorney should have at least a few former clients who are willing to confirm his or her competence.


You should discuss fees with the prospective divorce attorney at the very first meeting. For most quality Houston divorce attorneys, the terms will include a substantial retainer up front, against which the attorney's hourly fees and the case expenses (filing fees, process server fees, court reporter fees, copy charges, etc.) will be charged. You need to learn the attorney's hourly rate and how much of a retainer will be required if you hire that attorney. Finally, you want to know how often the attorney will send you invoices. Preferably, you would receive detailed monthly invoices so you know were you stand. You should also inquire as to how detailed and clear the invoices will be. This is another area to try to get information from former clients of that Houston divorce attorney.

Comfortable with the Divorce Attorney?

One final and very important question to ask yourself before deciding on a Houston divorce attorney is this: are you comfortable with that attorney and are you confident in his or her abilities? If you cannot answer "yes" without hesitation, then you should interview additional attorneys until you find someone you are comfortable with. Your case is so important that you do not want to later wonder whether you made a rash choice.

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